Here is how to load a GPX document to the GPS device of the Garmin Bicycle.


#1 GPX file can be downloaded from the event website.

To have a version on your system, you have to access the GPX file. There are big chances that you will get an email from their side with directions on how to load the folder if you were ever to a paid event. If not, see the route information page and find a link to access the GPX file. You have to make sure that your PC holds the data just where you could find them later. Our technical Support can Guide you on updating garmin gps maps for free of cost.


#2 Pass to Garmin from GPX File

This is a bit difficult, but once or twice, then it is straightforward. This move is quick. It’s like riding a bike. You have a GPX file on your computer already; you have to transfer that file to Garmin.


Follow Instructions

  • You must use a USB cable to connect Garmin to your PC. See if the device and its memory card are visible (if there is one). You can do this twice in a windows system by clicking the My Computer icon. All the many drives on your computer and the attached storage devices are shown here.
  • Click on the internal memory of the Garmin double click or SD card. You can find a folder with Garmin’s name. When you double click this folder, several folders will be noticed, and one of them would be called new files.


Here’s how to copy your GPX file to new files

  • Drag and drop the data in this new file window from your computer. Copy it or paste it as well. Choose for yourself anything easy.
  • You have two open windows–the first is the downloaded GPX window, and the second is the Garmin new file window.
  • The windows must be arranged so that you can see them simultaneously on the screen. If you want to resize them, you will have to drag the edge of the windows.
  • You will need to press the GPX folder when you see the two and hold down the mouse button when moving the file on the new files tab. This step is referred to as drag & drop, so it copies the file.
  • Download the new files folder and right-click and select Collate from options. It copies the file as well. Using this method, you can transfer the GPX file to Garmin.
  • Detach & Begin Garmin One more time


When you restart Garmin, you will check whether there are new files or not in the original files folder

  • The Software will create a course that appears in the Courses menu if it finds a GPX file in it.
  • Just press the “Menu” button, followed by courses, to access the course menu. The GPX course can be seen on the list.
  • It is an essential tooth.
  • Before the course starts, you have to change the settings manually so that the unit can provide you with step by step instructions.
  • You will click the joystick icon and then pick the Switch Guidance button to make sure it is switched on.
  • Many people suggest removing the role of Virtual Partner.